Telex 850 Airman Anr Pilot Headset

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Telex 850 Airman Anr Pilot Headset Description

Using the latest in ANR circuitry to target and reduce wind noise in jet cockpits, the Airman 850 provides up to 12 decibels (dB) of noise attenuation between 100 and 2000 Hz. At just four ounces, the headset is the lightest ANR product in the marketplace, and ear cups and cushions have been enlarged from previous models to enhance pilot comfort. Additional features include a set and forget volume control feature, noise-canceling electret microphone and fully flexible boom. The Airman 850 dramatically improves the clarity of communication and does not require batteries or panel poweractive noise reduction is powered by microphone bias. Telex Airman 750 and 850 headsets are used in more than 70 percent of commercial airframes. The Airman 850 is available for Boeing, Airbus and other airframes and does not require specialized intercom adapters.

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