Hifonics ZXX-3200.1D Zeus Max Mono Amplifier

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Hifonics ZXX-3200.1D Zeus Max Mono Amplifier Description

Size:22.25in. x 3.5in. x 12in. Father of the Gods – Zeus delivers a full range of amplifiers to the mortal car audio enthusiasts of Earth. The Zeus line of amplifiers from Hedonics is a throw back to the original Hedonics amplifiers that helped start the car audio and SPL craze. These amplifiers are packed with technology for great sound and huge power. Complete Lineup of Super Class A/B Multi-Channel Amplifiers and Class D Mono Amplifiers Illuminated Hedonics Badge Old School Hedonics Heatsink for Superior Heat Dissipation Military Grade PCBSPC – Simpatico Coil Design – Hedonics Surface Mount Design MOSFET Power Supply for Maximum Current Levels Diagnostic Indicators DC, Short Circuit, Thermal and Overload Protection Low Level RCA Inputs and Outputs

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